Development and growth happens where people are encouraged to be curious and learn. We are firmly convinced that learning-oriented culture help to cultivate leadership and breeds innovation and high-performance.

We are Lightbend Platinum Training Partner and Confluent Training Partners, and we also lead our internal classes of Front End and DevOps.

Following a complete list of our Professional & Expert Programs:


This is the list of courses of Confluent Professional Training. The courses are provided by certified trainers and each participant will receive an official Confluent Certification.

Confluent Developer Training: Building Kafka Solutions


In this three-day hands-on course, you will learn how to build applications that can publish data to and subscribe to data from, a Kafka cluster. You will learn the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss core Kafka architectural concepts and components, and review the Kafka developer APIs. The course also covers other components in the broader Confluent platform.

Confluent Operations Training for Apache Kafka


In this three-day hands-on course, you will be able to build and manage Kafka clusters using industry best-practices developed by the world’s foremost Kafka experts. You will learn how Kafka and the Confluent platform work, their main subsystems, their functions, how they interact, and how to set up, manage, and tune your cluster.

Confluent Training: Stream Processing using Kafka Streams & KSQL


During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn how to use Confluent KSQL to transform, enrich, filter and aggregate streams of real time data using a SQL-like language. You will also learn how to use the Apache Kafka Streams library to build streaming applications. Furthermore, you will learn how to test, monitor, secure and scale those streaming applications. You will learn how these applications integrate with the Confluent Streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka, KafkaConnect, Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent REST Proxy as well as theConfluent Control Center. You will learn the role of Streaming in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss architectural concepts and components ofKSQL and Kafka Streams.


This is the list of Lightbend courses scheduled for the coming months. The courses are provided by certified trainers and each participant will receive an official Lightbend Certification.

Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional

/img/lightbend-logo.png LRA - Professional

Designing Reactive systems and microservices requires architects and teams to think differently about design - taking into account concurrency, messaging and coordination - in order to achieve the promise of resilient and elastic software. As microservices have emerged as the gold standard of developing modern software applications, every team needs to develop a deep understanding of how to design, build and operate software in a Reactive world if they want to remain relevant.

Lightbend Akka Streams for Scala - Professional

/img/akka-logo.png LASS - Professional

This one day course introduces experienced Akka developers to the Akka Streams API. Akka Streams enables the consumption of streaming data, in a fully non-blocking, asynchronous manner. It also allows us to consume that data while providing non-blocking backpressure to prevent mailbox overflows. Our goal is to learn the components that make up the Akka Streams API and how they interact. We will see a broad range of different Akka Streams components and have a chance to use many of them.

Lightbend Scala Language – Professional

/img/scala-logo.gif LSL - Professional

Object-oriented meets functional—elegant class hierarchies, seamless Java interoperability, maximum code reuse and extensibility, built to solve difficult concurrency challenges. Take your first steps in Scala with the best trainers!

Lightbend Scala Language – Expert

/img/scala-logo.gif LSL - Expert

The power of Scala’s type system, unleashed - advanced object functional programming, implicits, and more. Leverage rich language features to create well-designed libraries or DSL’s, utilizing proven best practices.

Lightbend Akka for Scala – Professional

/img/akka-logo.png LAS - Professional

This two-day course introduces experienced Scala developers to the reactive Akka toolkit. The combination of hands-on work and exercises in this course provide the perfect environment to best learn to use Akka with Scala.

Lightbend Akka for Java – Professional

/img/akka-logo.png LAJ - Professional

This three-day course introduces experienced Java developers to the reactive Akka toolkit. The combination of hands-on work and exercises in this course provide the perfect environment to learn to use Akka with Java.

Lightbend Akka for Scala – Expert

/img/akka-logo.png LAS - Expert

The pinnacle of scalable, reactive applications! Experienced application developers learn to build distributed reactive applications using Akka and Scala, scaling out multiple nodes, remoting and clustering.

Lightbend Akka for Java – Expert

/img/akka-logo.png LAJ - Expert

The pinnacle of scalable, reactive applications! In this three-day course, experienced application developers learn to build distributed reactive applications using Akka and Java, scaling out multiple nodes, managing consistency, and dealing with persistence.

Lightbend Apache Spark for Scala - Professional

/img/spark-logo.png LSS - Professional

This two-day workshop is designed to teach developers how to implement data analytics using Apache Spark for Reactive applications. In this workshop, developers will use hands-on exercises to learn the principles of Apache Spark programming and idioms for specific problems, such as event stream processing, SQL-based analysis on structured data in files, integration with Reactive frameworks like Akka, as well as Hadoop and related tools, and advanced analytics such as machine learning and graph algorithms.


This is the list of courses of Bitrock DevOps Academy:

Learn DevOps: The Fast Lane

/img/devops-tfl.png TFL

The course is aimed at software engineers and system administrators that want to deliver better software. OtherIT professionals can also take this course, but might have to do some extra research to understand some of the concepts. You will learn how to improve the Software Development Lifecycle by applying techniques to improve software delivery. You will know how to improve delivery using automation, configuration management, provisioning and deployment tools. You will also discover newer tools like Docker and Kubernetes.

Learn DevOps: Kubernetes Fast Lane

/img/kubernetes-logo.png KFL

This course will help you to gain understanding how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes.

If you are into DevOps, this is a technology you need to master. Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity lately and it isa well sought skill by companies.

LearnDevOps: Advanced KubernetesMasterclass

/img/kubernetes-logo.png KFL

Kubernetes Advanced Usage is the second Kubernetes course in the "Learn DevOps: Kubernetes"series.

If you don't have basic Kubernetes experience, make sure you follow first the course "Learn DevOps: Kubernetes Masterclass".


This is the list of courses of Bitrock FrontEnd Academy:

Javascript Language - Professional

/img/js-logo.png JSL - Professional

The Javascript landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, and it’s keeping evolving at a fast pace. It’s not an easy task to get started in the right way in this ever-changing environment and that’s why the Bitrock Javascript Language is here to help. The course will start from Javascript’s very basic concepts while explaining modern tools and methodologies to give you a professional overview of how the language and the environment works today.

Vue Framework - Professional

/img/vue-logo.png VJSF - Professional

Vue.js is the “new kid in town” of Javascript frameworks, although it may sounds like an “unsafe” terrain, it is already used in production on many big web application ( just to name one… ) and it’s having a continuos growing momentum on the community. The frameworks combines the ease-of-use of Angular-like template system, a virtual-dom algorithm like React and introduce a new single file component format that keeps separation of concerns without creating a new mixed language like JSX.

React Framework - Professional

/img/react-logo.png RF - Professional

The framework that redefined the Javascript development landscape. Developed by the Facebook team and used in the social network itself and Instagram, React has proven to offer sa rock-solid architecture for frontend applications and to also improve the rendering performances. This course will demystify all the basics concepts of React like the JSX meta-language, to provide the most efficient way to learn the framework and become productive with it.

React Framework - Expert

/img/react-logo.png RF - Expert

Developing well structured, resilient and performant React applications require some skills beyond the framework itself. In this course we will explore how to handle complex client-side data with Redux, some techniques on styling components with regular CSS and with pre-processors like SASS and performance improvements for production deployment with Server Side Rendering.

Web Components - Professional

/img/wc-logo.png WC - Professional

Web Components are a recent standard set of APIs that enable developers to create custom HTML tags with their related style and behavior without tie-in to a specific framework or library, components built with this specification are pure “vanilla” tags that can be implemented inside every major Javascript framework.If a company is developing many projects with different codebase and frameworks, Web Components represents a key skill for implementing real cross-project UI elements


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