Bitrock Front-end Academy

Our internal Front-end unit, led by Salvatore Laisa, started a professional training, including courses of Javascript Language, Vue Framework, React Framework and Web Components.

Javascript Language – Professional

The Javascript landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, and it’s keeping evolving at a fast pace. It’s not an easy task to get started in the right way in this ever-changing environment and that’s why the Bitrock Javascript Language is here to help. The course will start from Javascript’s very basic concepts while explaining modern tools and methodologies to give you a professional overview of how the language and the enviroment works today.

Vue Framework – Professional

Vue.js is the “new kid in town” of Javascript frameworks, although it may sounds like an “unsafe” terrain, it is already used in production on many big web application ( just to name one… ) and it’s having a continuos growing momentum on the community. The frameworks combines the ease-of-use of Angular-like template system, a virtual-dom algorithm like React and introduce a new single file component format that keeps separation of concerns without creating a new mixed language like JSX.

React Framework – Professional

The framework that redefined the Javascript development landscape. Developed by the Facebook team and used in the social network itself and Instagram, React has proven to offer a rock-solid architecture for frontend applications and to also improve the rendering performances. This course will demystify all the basics concepts of React like the JSX meta-languange, to provide the most efficient way to learn the framework and become productive with it.

React Framework – Expert

Developing well structured, resilient and performant React applications require some skills beyond the framework itself. In this course we will explore how to handle complex client-side data with Redux, some techniques on styling components with regular CSS and with pre-processors like SASS and performance improvements for production deployement with Server Side Rendering.

Web Components – Professional

Web Components are a recent standard set of APIs that enable developers to create custom HTML tags with their related style and behavior without tie-in to a specific framework or library, components built with this specification are pure “vanilla” tags that can be implemented inside every major Javascript framework.If a company is developing many projects with different codebase and frameworks, Web Components represents a key skill for implementing real cross-project UI elements.

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