From Databiz to "Databiz Group" - the birth of Bitrock

Born as an innovative system integrator in 2009, DATABIZ evolves and transforms into a holding company to face an evolving market scenario.

/img/posts/dbz-timeline.png From Databiz to Databiz Group | The foundation of a holding group and the birth of Bitrock in a roadmap of achievements started in 2009.

From this reorganization comes to light BITROCK, a consulting and system integration company committed to offer avant-garde and innovative solutions in the field of Microservices, Reactive Platform and Fast Data technologies, with the objective to accompany and support companies along the digital transformation path.

  • The company had an important growth in the last years and we believe that it is necessary to grow for external lines, as well as internal: we have created a "vehicle" that allows to manage the growth in a strategic way and to finalize mergers and acquisitions in a better way*

Leo Pillon | CEO Bitrock

Innovation and research are the core of BITROCK. The company aims to provide reliable innovation through a completely different paradigm of projectuality, in order to understand the real needs of the clients and anticipate trends and evolutions.

/img/posts/pillars.png Bitrock's value proposition pillars | From business to experience passing through technological innovation

The holding has today about 75 employees, and in 2017 it reached 7 million in revenues, aiming to 9 for 2018: the reference markets are finance, insurance, Fintech, Industrial and Media.

We believe that it is time to talk about digital evolution, instead of transformation. In the current world of IT we notice that applications are focused on managing processes, reports and data in an aseptic way: in simple words we might say that computers are used mainly to save and to historicize data. A paradigm must change, allowing a better relationship among companies, customers and end users: we need a change of design approach in the implementation of new IT applications. We have to use modern technologies that guarantee performance, reliability and scalability."

Leo Pillon | CEO Bitrock


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