Bitrock JavaScript Bootcamp

Last week we organized a thrilling coding Bootcamp dedicated to JavaScript in partnership with SheTech, with whom we share, as part of the Fortitude Group, the goal of bridging the gender gap in STEM and supporting women in the world of technology, entrepreneurship and digital.

As we did in our previous bootcamp dedicated to ReactJs (if you miss it, see what we organized in our dedicated Blog post!), also in this event we wanted to give young girls and women a concrete opportunity to get closer to the world of programming, and fill the skills mismatch that is - unfortunately - still high in the sector. 

This time, the event was open to anyone: no technical prerequisites were asked to join the bootcamp, just a true passion for technology and the desire to learn something new.

After an initial briefing on the Front-end scenario and a quick presentation of Bitrock’s value proposition, the bootcamp entered the battle zone. The participants split up in different groups, all supervised by our experienced Mentors, to start working on different exercises based on JavaScript, with the final goal of developing a to-do-list App.

The questions from the participants were numerous, all answered by Bitrock and SheTech’s Mentors through concrete examples, use-cases and in-depth explanations.
After almost five hours of programming (including many coffee breaks, a super-tasty lunch and many games of foosball), the bootcamp ended with an interesting Q&A and feedback session, characterized by an open discussion on all touched points and topics.
The general feedback that came from the participants was enthusiastic, and many proposals arose for other future events in order to continue exploring the world of Front-End and User Experience Engineering.

Keep reading our Blog and follow us on our social media channels to discover what other initiatives we have in store in partnership with SheTech!

To find out more about Bitrock's mission to promote a workplace culture based on inclusion and gender equality, please visit

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Bitrock DevOps Team joining HashiCorp EMEA Vault CHIP Virtual Bootcamp

Bitrock DevOps Team joining HashiCorp EMEA Vault CHIP Virtual Bootcamp

Another great achievement for our DevOps Team: the possibility to take part in HashiCorp EMEA Vault CHIP Virtual Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp – coming for the first time to the EMEA region – involves the participation of high-skilled professionals that already have experience with Vault and want to get Vault CHIP (Certified HashiCorp Implementation Partner) certified for delivering on Vault Enterprise.

Our DevOps Team will be challenged with a series of highly technical tasks to demonstrate their expertise in the field. A 3 full-day training, that will get them ready to implement in a customer engagement.

This comes after the great success of last week, which saw our DevOps Team members Matteo Gazzetta, Michael Tabolsky, Gianluca Mascolo, Francesco Bartolini and Simone Ripamonti successfully obtaining HashiCorp Certification as Vault Associate. A source of pride for the Bitrock community and a remarkable recognition of our DevOps Team expertise and know-how worldwide.

With the Virtual Bootcamp, the Team is now ready to raise the bar and takes on a new challenge, proving that there’s no limit to self-improvement and continuous learning.

HashiCorp EMEA Vault CHIP Virtual Bootcamp

May 5–May 8, 2020

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