JavaScript Bootcamp

Last Saturday, we contributed to another step towards gender inclusivity in the world of technology, organizing a JavaScript bootcamp in partnership with SheTech, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in STEM. The primary goal of this event was to provide young girls and women with a tangible opportunity to delve into the realm of programming, addressing the prevailing skill mismatch within the STEM sector.

Through word of mouth and thanks to Bitrock’s and SheTech's active communities, the event drew the enthusiasm of almost 50 participants, both girls and boys, all eager to enhance their programming skills. 

The bootcamp kicked off with an insightful briefing on the Front-End scenario, followed by a presentation outlining Bitrock's value proposition.

Participants explored the world of JavaScript guided and supported by experienced Mentors. They challenged themselves in practical exercises divided into different levels, suitable for both beginner and more experienced programmers. 

After five hours of intense programming, the bootcamp ended with a dynamic Q&A and feedback session during which participants openly discussed various aspects of the event, sharing insights and experiences,  giving us useful hints fundamental to the continuous improvement of our events.

This bootcamp represents the commitment of Bitrock and SheTech in fostering a diverse and inclusive tech community. By providing practical opportunities for skill development and creating an engaging learning environment, the event served as a small yet impactful step towards addressing the gender gap in STEM.

As we celebrate the success of the JavaScript bootcamp, we recognize the importance of continued efforts in supporting women in technology, entrepreneurship, and the digital space. The journey towards gender equality in STEM is ongoing, and with opportunities like these, we give our contribution for a more balanced and innovative future.

Stay tuned for more exciting events, bootcamps and workshops in partnership with SheTech… coming soon!

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Last week we organized an exciting  Bootcamp in partnership with SheTech, focused on ReactJs.

The aim of this bootcamp was the same of the previous ones:  giving young girls and women a concrete opportunity to get closer to the world of programming, and fill the skill mismatch that is - unfortunately - still high in the STEM sector.

Thanks to word of mouth and dedicated sponsoring activities, we succeeded in involving 30 participants, most of them women, passionate about programming and with the desire to enrich their own skills and knowledge.

After an initial briefing on the Front-end scenario and a presentation about Bitrock’s value proposition, participants could finally begin to put their hands on their laptops and start working.

All the groups were guided and supported by our Mentors (including Leonardo, one of the previous bootcamp’s participants, who joined the Bitrock team a few months ago) in an exercise based on ReactJs with the final goal of creating a Memory (card  game).


To get all participants more involved and increase the knowledge of the Bitrock brand, we launched a challenge: the funniest Instagram stories would win a special prize and, at the end of the event, we were  glad to announce four winners! 

After almost five hours of programming, the bootcamp ended with an interesting Q&A and feedback session, characterized by an open discussion on all touched points and topics.

As in the past bootcamps, it was a really useful moment for us, since we received different tips to improve future events. We can’t wait to put them into practice!

We are proud of this small step towards a major objective: bridging the gender gap in STEM and supporting women in the world of technology, entrepreneurship and digital. We will continue to organize events like this to help create an inclusive and inspiring work environment for everyone.

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