Leverage your data to gain market insights, automate processes, and innovate

Data analysis has become a necessary practice for companies willing to manage competition and expand businesses. Through data, businesses can indeed read and interpret current trends and intentions, make forecasts, and create higher quality insights, allowing for better decision-making.

However, data alone is insufficient: a well-thought-out Data&Analytics strategy is required to ensure that all resources are effectively used, exchanged, and analyzed.

Learn how our Data&Analytics B.U. has extensive experience and knowledge in collecting, handling, and analyzing vast amounts of data in various formats, and how this can help your business reach numerous benefits, including:

 Quicker decision making
 Lower operational costs
 Identification of profit opportunities
 Increased productivity
 Improved customer experience


Today's business scenario rewards agility, and the ability to embrace new Data Strategy models and analytical techniques is increasingly important.

Watch the video to learn how Bitrock's Data & Analytics consultancy services support your company D&A evolution with emerging design patterns and approaches such as Continuous Intelligence, Data Mesh, Small & Wide Data.


Since data is only as important as our ability to access and derive value from it, the processes of collecting, handling, and using data have become critical to organizational success. Moreover, it is now clear that A.I. is a crucial part of the equation and challenges such as model operationalization, model maintenance are the key to success.

Bitrock provides turnkey technologies and architectures for extracting value from very large quantities of data in a cost-effective manner by allowing high-speed data collection, discovery, and analysis.

We support companies in exploiting all the potential of their data, by helping them:

 Exchange data within the same business > Data should not be kept in silos

 Connect data > Make individual pieces of data readily available, so that they can communicate with one another

 Make data self-sufficient > Using automation techniques, data can generate value on its own


We use cutting-edge technology to create custom, high-performing models and scoring systems for you. We assist companies in adopting data-driven decision-making processes, promoting their transformation into knowledge and value, using relevant methodologies and Data Science techniques (Machine Learning, AI, statistical analysis).

Streaming analytics is critical for businesses who need to gain immediate insights from large amounts of data that are constantly changing. This helps you view, interpret, and respond to both historical and real-time, fast-moving live data from IoT devices in order to decide whether there is a problem with the equipment and to avoid potential issues, allowing you to reduce risk and maximize profit.

The effective visualization of data is just as crucial as the data itself, because it can have a significant impact on the decisions made based on newly acquired knowledge. At Bitrock, we use innovative data visualization tools to present data and findings in the most compelling way possible, making it easy to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns.

The processing and transfer of real-time data from one location to another is known as Streaming ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load). You can create views of data and have them update automatically using advanced technologies, improving organizational efforts and reducing work.


For a major international Bank, we carried out a Big Data project to create a real-time recommendation system aimed at cross-selling and up-selling current clients. The project required the integration of the client’s major CRM systems and the different data sources, such as clickstreams and banking operations.

Mainframe offloading for an important Consumer Credit institution. The project entailed the creation of a system to transfer data from a legacy database (DB2) to a new Elastic database. Thanks to the Confluent platform and a CDC (Change Data Capture) system – installed and configured by Bitrock – data are intercepted and transferred in real time from core system to the front-end database that enables more sophisticated use-cases.


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