We help organizations shape omnichannel experiences to delight customers and build loyal relationships.
We design user-centered solutions and engineer the experience with the most advanced front-end technologies and frameworks to respond to challenging enterprises' needs.


At Bitrock, we believe that the integration of User Experience Design and Front-End Engineering is the way to provide an engaging omnichannel customer experience.

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We put users needs and goals at the core of our work, following UCD principles:

 A clear understanding of who the user is, their specific needs and the context of use.

 Identify business requirements, user’s goals and incorporate
their feedback to define requirements.

 Active involvement of the user throughout the life-cycle of the project, in order to evaluate and iterate on the solution.

We develop enterprise-level solutions and software able to guarantee high scalability and real-time content update, adopting the most advanced technological design patterns - such as Functional/Reactive Programming and Micro Front-End.

We develop high-performing and intuitive applications for enterprises by adopting cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

We have extensive experience in the design and development of mobile applications, both native and hybrid.

By combining the skills of our UX and UI Team, we can provide a complete package of data visualization. We offer an analysis of data and needs, up to development through all the graphic tools on the market, always with an eye to performance analysis.


We always have an eye towards new technologies, new frameworks, and new possibilities.

We follow an iterative, user-centered process:  we design modular and scalable solutions that can be quickly adapted, optimized and reviewed according to the users’ and clients’ needs.

We analyze 
As the first step, we define the project’s strategic objectives together with the client. We identify users’ and stakeholders’ behaviors, needs, pain points and desiderata.

We design
We design intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces focused on the final user, always in close collaboration with the client.

We test
We observe the actual user experience of people with the designed system or prototype. Usability tests, online surveys and analytics give us precious insights to  improve and enrich the software with new functionalities.

We build
Having a deep knowledge of all the latest technologies, we adopt the ones that best suit the customer’s specific needs.


We provide a broad range of cutting-edge mobile technology solutions to a variety of markets and business functions. We design, execute and manage mobile technologies that are versatile, scalable, and in line with your business needs.

Our high-performance mobile applications are not only compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, but also provide a simple and device-specific user experience.

We collaborate closely with you to plan, create, and deploy solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Our mobile solutions cover:

 Applications for handheld platforms
 Mobile websites and portals
 Migration of existing enterprise applications to mobile platforms
 Personalization and content management
 Expert mobile engineering services and testing across a full range of devices.

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For a large FinTech company, we have developed an innovative, highly-scalable and fully customizable platform using Micro Front-End architectures. We designed a solution based on the needs of a sophisticated user and continuously tested it, following iterative design principles. As main Front-end technology, we used Vue; however, the project has been  conceived in order to be able to support different frameworks/libraries.

For a multinational Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics Company, we have developed the User Interface from the beginning to the end: starting from the collection of feedback, moving to the design of wireframes, up to the development of code, with a React-Redux application.
Furthermore, we contributed to the development of several React applications in a customer platform.

For a  leading Information Provider and Rating Agency, we have participated in the creation of several spas, all based on the React-Redux architecture, helping create and improve the boilerplate project for all future company projects. We also contributed to the creation of the corporate design system - always in React.

For a large Banking and Financial Group, we have developed a platform of Banking Corporate Sales and its mobile app version.
After investigating the users needs, we structured information architecture and designed the different sections. The platform was designed with Responsive Web Design techniques, with a tablet-first approach.
The mobile app was designed as a Reactive MicroServices architecture and the front-end component was based on the native Android framework. Performing  usability tests with final users before the launch drastically reduced the post-launch reworks.





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