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Development and growth happen where people are encouraged to be curious and learn. We are firmly convinced that learning-oriented culture helps to cultivate leadership and breeds innovation and high-performance.

We are official Confluent Training Partner and we offer professional and expert-level training courses for organizations and individuals, responding to several needs and requirements.

Training Course Catalogue

Here’s the list of courses of Confluent Professional Training.
The courses are provided by certified trainers and each participant will receive an official Confluent Certification.


In this hands-on course, you will write Producers and Consumers to send data to and read data from Kafka. You will integrate Kafka with external systems using Kafka Connect, write streaming applications with Kafka Streams & ksqlDB and, last but not least, integrate a Kafka client application with Confluent Cloud.

During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn how to monitor, troubleshoot and tune a real-time, event-streaming platform built with Apache Kafka. You will use industry best-practices to monitor, troubleshoot, and tune the components of Kafka and Confluent Platform to support your event-streaming applications. Furthermore, you will learn to utilize native tools, including Confluent Control Center as well as third-party software tools.

In this three-day hands-on course, you will learn how to build, manage, and monitor clusters using industry best-practices developed by the world’s foremost Apache Kafka experts. Moreover, you will learn how Kafka and the Confluent Platform work, how their main subsystems interact, and how to set up, manage, monitor, and tune your cluster.

During this self-paced, on-demand training, you will gain understanding of the Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform. In particular, you will explore use cases and receive an overview of Kafka’s core concepts that enable it to power a highly scalable, highly available and resilient real-time event streaming platform. You will also be introduced to the Confluent Platform, offering an enterprise-ready, real-time event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka. Last but not least, you will have the chance to begin preparation to attend Apache Kafka Administration by Confluent and/or the Confluent Skills for Building Apache Kafka training courses.

 During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn to identify common patterns and use cases for real-time stream processing. You will understand the high-level architecture of Apache Kafka® Streams; write real-time applications with the Kafka Streams API to filter, transform, enrich, aggregate, and join data streams. Moreover, you will describe how KSQL combines the elastic, fault-tolerant, high-performance stream processing capabilities of Kafka Streams with the simplicity of a SQL-like syntax, and even author KSQL queries that showcase its balance of power and simplicity. Last but not least, you will test, secure, deploy, and monitor Kafka Streams applications and KSQL queries.

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