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FinOps, short for Financial Operations, is an emerging approach that combines financial management with cloud technology to optimize spending and increase efficiency in the cloud. FinOps involves the use of best practices, processes, and tools to help organizations manage and optimize their cloud spending.

Nowadays, this practice is particularly important as more businesses shift their operations to the cloud, where it can be challenging to track and manage spending across different cloud services and providers.

Bitrock offers strategic and innovative FinOps consulting to support companies. Specifically in:

  • Evaluating current cloud costs compared to benchmarks and industry standards.
  • Driving technical optimization to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Reducing costs while expanding operations.
  • Creating shared language and KPIs between IT, Business and Finance to drive competitive advantage.
  • Configuring budget control mechanisms for visibility, recovery and predictability of costs.


Taking on the journey of Cloud adoption can present challenges, particularly when confronted with intricate pricing models and unpredictable costs. We firmly believe that fostering effective communication among FinOps team members is crucial in optimizing speed, cost and quality.

We embrace three pivotal stages to drive the “FinOps Journey”:


Organizations and teams are equipped with visibility, allocation, benchmarking, budgeting, and forecasting for informed decision making.


Potential optimizations are identified and measured, such as resizing, adjusting storage access frequency, or enhancing reserved instance coverage.


Continuous improvement is ensured for all stages.

As FinOps has become the main core in the enterprise domain, Bitrock integrated it into the offered technology solutions, delivering services specifically crafted to assist companies in effectively managing and optimizing the financial aspects associated with Cloud solutions

Our ultimate objective is to guarantee cost savings in the setup and utilization of hybrid, multi cloud, or distributed clouad services, all while upholding the essential qualities of agility and scalability necessary to ensure favorable enterprise business outcomes and meet the IT requirements.

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