Back-end Engineering involves designing and implementing the server-side logic and infrastructure that powers the functionality of a software application or website. It focuses on handling data storage, processing, and communication between the server and client, ensuring the smooth operation and performance of the system.

Here at Bitrock, we advocate a modern and agile architecture and support our Customers to achieve its benefits. We are specialists in Business-Driven IT solutions. Thanks to the use of conceptual tools designed to bridge the gap between the problem and the solution (DDD - Domain Driven Design), we are able to accurately define components, connections and communications using a language that is understandable from both the business and the IT department. This opens the door to technical solutions that solve business problems and bring value fast and effectively to the entire organization.

Custom software solutions give companies a way to be innovative and edge out their competitors. Cutting-edge technology can actually be used in a variety of ways to gain a competitive edge, increasing overall efficiency and creating a better overall user experience for organizations.


  • - Architectural Design
  • - Process Analysis & Design (Domain Events)
  • - Legacy code Modernization & Redesign
  • - Modern Approach to Software Development


Bitrock offers scalable and streamlined Back-End Engineering  solutions to support companies in several ways. In fact, our approach is characterized by the following key pillars:

Tailored to your business
Our end products are focused on  your  specific business needs and goals.

Open to Change
Architectures and infrastructures must be based on paradigms open to evolution, whilst maintaining security and adopting standard protocols. This allows your future evolutions without costly rebuilds or downtimes.

Avoiding Vendor Lock-In
Our solutions are designed with your  interests at heart. We advise on technologies that free you  from high switching costs blocking evolution.

Dynamic Resource Scaling
Scaling and allocating your resources according to the real-time load will save both time and money.

Loose Coupling
Designing and implementing loosely coupled systems will ensure resiliency and high availability for your projects.

From Batch to Real-time Processing
We enable gradual evolution whilst preserving legacy investments.

Whole System Approach
Technology solutions must be considered as a whole, including everything that is needed to sustain them.

In the world of back-end engineering, there are cutting-edge technologies for creating scalable, flexible, and resilient applications that can keep up with the demands of modern businesses. These essential architectural patterns and technological paradigms are:


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