Bitrock is made up of a group of young and international entrepreneurs and innovators, ready to rock the tech scenario with passion and ambition.

We help customers identify winning and lasting technological solutions to address critical tasks for their business. We work alongside major organizations belonging to different market sectors, whose satisfaction represents the greatest success for us.


In the last years, we have carried out over 70 successful projects, with over 28.500 work days delivered on event-based architectures, providing cutting-edge technology to more than 50 International Customers.


with Lightbend since 2013

with Radicalbit since 2016

Platinum Training Partner of Lightbend since 2016

Premier Partner of Confluent since 2017

HashiCorp Enabled Partner since 2020

with Databricks since 2023


70% of our projects are based on Scala & Reactive Applications


Over 85 skilled and passionate professionals

Over 35 permanent collaborators


3 offices in Italy (Milan, Treviso and Trieste)

1 office in Switzerland (Chiasso)


Bitrock is founded on shared values that are able to bring us together and contribute to defining the Team's identity, well beyond our technologies, offering and technical expertise. Here's the key messages we stand for and that we try to implement in our everyday life.

We look ahead and build a solid path for our future development thanks to an open mind and our passion for challenges.

We love what we do and share energy to make things happen. We’re highly ambitious and we put emotional intensity in what we do.

We communicate in a clear and transparent way to make strategy into concrete action. We boost open-discussion among colleagues, collaborators and stakeholders.

Trust is king when making people grow. We value and empower our people according to their very personal aptitude and inclinations.

We put people at first, taking care of each and every member of the crew. We get to know the human aspect of our colleagues to reinforce the working bonds, giving extreme importance to team spirit and shaping a joyful, supportive environment.


Thanks to a people-centered policy and culture, we want to shape an engaging working environment, where open-discussion, new ideas, creativity and fun are always welcomed. Day by day, our mission is to create a welcoming workplace, aimed at being more and more:

INCLUSIVE AND SUPPORTIVE > We are a crew of open-minded people with a highly inclusive and supportive spirit: we are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Our mantra? The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be!

LEARNING-ORIENTED > We never stop improving and pursue a learning-oriented philosophy. Thanks to our internal training courses, high-value workshops, and our “Innovation Lab” project, we make avant-garde IT systems and solutions not only the core of our business, but also the milestone of our common mission to take technology to the next level.

INTERNATIONAL > The different languages, cultures and perspectives help us forge an interactive and stimulating workplace, where effective communication plays a crucial role.

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FUN! > Being part of Bitrock’s crew means having the opportunity to start off a journey made of exciting events and team-building activities: from mindfulness lessons to cooking sessions, from online team quiz challenges to go-karting.

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