If what you’re looking for is not just a job, but a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, broaden your knowledge and grow in a stimulating environment, we are waiting for you!

In our dynamic, fast-moving environment, opportunities for growth are limitless: inside the Team we all have a voice and the opportunity to make a difference.

Our crew members’ talent and passion represent the real competitive advantage that makes Bitrock stand out in the technology scenario: that’s why we always put maximum care and attention to our Team.


Brave. If you think out of the box and you are not afraid to stand up and share your ideas

Team Player. If you believe that you can go solo, but successes are real only when shared with your team

Frank. If you believe that speaking clearly is the key for great communication and you are open to constructive feedback. Don’t be touchy, be smart! You can always improve yourself

Passionate. If love for technology burns your soul and you are not afraid to look beyond your skills

Empathetic. If you believe that emotions are what makes us humans and being in other’s shoes sometimes can make you change perspective…

...we are waiting for you to rock with us!


If you have a question, you can contact us. Just fill a form.