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Front-end Engineering

We design and develop business-driven IT solutions

We help organizations shape omnichannel experiences to delight customers and build loyal relationships. We design user-centered solutions and engineer the experience with the most advanced front-end technologies and frameworks to respond to challenging enterprises’ needs.

The importance of Front-end Engineering goes beyond merely aesthetics and user experience, since it has the potential to significantly affect a company’s profitability in a number of ways. It is true that investing in high-quality Front-end development has many advantages, including improved conversion rates, reduced maintenance costs, and the potential to support a product-led growth strategy.

At Bitrock, we collaborate closely with our engineers to create more sophisticated designs and interaction patterns, ensuring that the final product satisfies the client’s requirements and offers the best experience to the end-users.


Architecture Design

We develop enterprise-level solutions and software able to guarantee high scalability and real-time content update, adopting the most advanced technological design patterns – such as Functional/Reactive Programming and Micro Front-End.

Web Applications

We develop high-performing and intuitive applications for enterprises by adopting cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

Data Visualization

By combining the skills of our UX and UI Team, we can provide a complete package of data visualization. We offer an analysis of data and needs, up to development through all the graphic tools on the market, always with an eye to performance analysis.

Our Approach

We always have an eye towards new technologies, new frameworks, and new possibilities.

We follow an iterative, user-centered process designing modular and scalable solutions that can be quickly adapted, optimized and reviewed according to the users’ and clients’ needs.


As the first step, we define the project’s strategic objectives together with the client identifying users’ and stakeholders’ behaviors, needs, pain points and desires.


We design intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces focused on the final user, always in close collaboration with the client.


We observe the actual user experience of people with the designed system or prototype. Usability tests, online surveys and analytics give us precious insights to  improve and enrich the software with new functionalities.


We build having a deep knowledge of all the latest technologies and adopting the ones that best suit the customer’s specific needs.


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Technology Enablers


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