Bitrock challenges large American Tech Companies with the new Caravan Project

Bitrock enters CNCF and launches a new open-source solution to guide organizations towards the Cloud Native approach

Marcello Dell’Aquila new Head of Data Engineering

Bitrock reinforces its Data&Analytics B.U. 

Gender Equality: How to Support Women’s Talent

Bitrock in partnership with SheTech to boost female presence in STEM

Digital People Empowering: Bitrock Example

How to guarantee motivation, engagement, human relations and simplify the management of the office spaces at the same time. 

Cerved Rethinks its Data Architecture

Managing a growing amount of data in a resilient, elastic and scalable way. This is Cerved’s goal, in a joint project with Bitrock.

Smart Data Integration

Bitrock’s approach to overcome those obstacles that prevent companies from generating value from data.

HashiCorp and Bitrock sign Partnership to boost IT Infrastructure Innovation

The product suite of the American leader combined with the expertise of the Italian system integrator are now at the service of companies.