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We design and develop business-driven IT solutions

Mobile application development is basically the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

Bitrock provides a broad range of cutting-edge mobile technology solutions to a variety of markets and business functions. We design, execute and manage mobile technologies that are versatile, scalable and in line with your business needs.

Our high-performance mobile applications are not only compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, but also provide a simple and device-specific user experience.

Indeed, we collaborate closely with our clients to plan, create and deploy solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. 


Our team is ready to support you in the following areas:
  • Applications for handheld platforms
  • Mobile websites and portals
  • Migration of existing enterprise applications to mobile platforms
  • Personalization and content management
  • Expert mobile engineering services and testing across a full range of devices (Native mobile apps, Hybrid mobile apps, Web applications)

Our Approach

We always have an eye towards new technologies, new frameworks, and new possibilities. We design modular and scalable solutions that can be quickly adapted, optimized and reviewed according to the users’ and clients’ needs. We follow an iterative, user-centered process, consisting of several phases:


As the first step, we define the project’s strategic objectives together with the client. We analyze the design, the user experience and the right technologies.


Having a deep knowledge of all the latest technologies, we adopt the ones that best suit the customer’s specific needs.


We observe the actual user experience of people with the designed system or prototype. Usability tests, online surveys and analytics give us precious insights to improve and enrich the software with new functionalities.


We support the customer to publish in store the final product


We follow the application after publication, we intervene with updates and new additions.


The development of a mobile app starts with the study of its key functionalities and an analysis of what the customer needs, along with the creation of a dedicated design.

Another preliminary step consists in working on the user experience: for this reason, a close collaboration with an expert of UI/UX is essential.

When all this is defined, the team decides what the best technologies and solutions to develop that specific application are.

Then, developers write code, recreate the design and functionality, and run some tests to prove that everything works properly.

Once the whole package is created through the system and approved by the customer, it is published on the different stores (Google or Apple).


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