Modern architecture

We deliver innovative and reliable
technological evolution

We master the best emerging technologies to drive the innovative evolution of enterprise IT infrastructure


Design the present
by thinking about the future

We believe in building scalable and resilient solutions, in a way that is transparent for the end-user and that perfectly integrates in the business life cycle


Embrace the change

We accompany enterprises along the entire digital transformation path, by providing cutting-edge technology and helping them achieve all related benefits


Bitrock is a high-end technology and consulting company, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services in four main areas: DevOps & SRE, Custom Software Design & Development, User Experience & Front-End Engineering, and Data & Analytics

Our top-notch, state-of-the-art solutions allow our clients to preserve legacy investments, whilst migrating to a more performing and efficient environment.

When it comes to technologies, we always have a holistic approach: we look at any system as a whole, a unique ecosystem of interconnected elements, working together to achieve a business goal.

our partners

During the years we have partnered with some of the world's major Technology Leaders in order to offer the ultimate technology experience to our clients. Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to provide cutting-edge IT services and products that enable organizations  to address their daily challenges.


Enabling and governing technological change is one of our distinctive elements: innovation and research are indeed at the very heart of Bitrock.
These values are clearly expressed through the constant employment of distinctive solutions, which represent our portfolio of Technology Enablers.
During the years, we have constantly improved this portfolio and invested in technical excellence on the tools and products we selected:

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