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Free Webinar: Kafka & GDPR Compliance

Handle Kafka Record Erasure in Compliance with GDPR Data Retention Limits

Learn how to handle regulatory compliance within the Confluent Platform by dealing with Kafka message erasure using HashiCorp Vault.

Our proposed solution will highlight some of Vault’s transit secrets engine aimed at dealing with cryptographic operations.


HashiCorp Vault is the target solution for storing secrets and protecting sensitive data in modern environments. Its identity management system enables a fine-grained control on secrets access, whether we are talking about humans or machines. Vault is extremely versatile: for instance, one can use Transit secrets engine for outsourcing cryptographic operations to Vault.

Narayan Iyengar

Product Manager, Vault Ecosystem @HashiCorp

Confluent Platform has become the first-class candidate for building modern central data hubs, it allows integrating heterogeneous data from multiple sources in a single centrally managed infrastructure. When dealing with the security of data, the introduction of Confluent RBAC makes it easy to selectively grant groups of users the ability to read and write data according to their business needs.

Ugo Landini

Sr. Solutions Engineer @Confluent

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Bitrock presents a vertical use-case aimed at handling regulatory compliance within Confluent Platform dealing with Kafka message erasure leveraging HashiCorp Vault. The proposed solution shows some of the capabilities of Vault’s Transit secrets engine aimed at dealing with cryptographic operations.

Simone Ripamonti

DevOps Engineer @Bitrock

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