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Codemotion 2023

Codemotion, the must-attend tech conference, has always been a beacon of innovation and a platform for developers of all levels to learn from experts and network with peers. In October, a group of fellow Bitrockers embarked on a journey to Codemotion 2023 in Milan.

The first day

The first day of Codemotion kicked off with a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement. The opening talk of the day was given by Håkon Wium Lie, best known for his work on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a language used to describe the presentation of web pages. He took our fellow Bitrockers and all the other attendees on a fascinating journey highlighting  the evolution of the web.

Codemotion 2023

Throughout the day, a series of talks and workshops covered a diverse range of topics such as Artificial Intelligence and 3D Web Apps, each offering a unique perspective on the technology industry. One talk that was of particular interest, especially to those specialized in frontend development, was “Are We React-ing Wrong” by Maya Shavin.

In her presentation, Maya delved into the intricacies of React, thinking outside the box, explaining common misconceptions and sharing tips and tricks for using hooks like useMemo and useCallback to optimize React applications. Maya’s talk provided valuable insights into the significance of React hooks in improving app performance, which prompted attendees to rethink their approach to React development and left them with a renewed enthusiasm to explore and implement these techniques in their projects.

The second day

On the second day of Codemotion, attendees learned about Web Components, a new API for the web that has the potential to revolutionize web development by replacing popular frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular.

Codemotion 2023

One of the most popular workshops was “Let’s Talk About Salaries in Tech” led by Michele Riva, CEO of Orama Search and passionate advocate for transparency in financial matters. Michele Riva’s presentation encouraged attendees to challenge the prevailing culture of salary secrecy, particularly among Italians. He argued that by sharing salary information with one another, workers could collectively gain a better understanding of their financial situation and advocate for fair remuneration. His talk prompted attendees to reflect on the benefits of salary transparency, which include negotiating better compensation, identifying pay gaps, and promoting equity in the workplace. In an age where information is power, understanding our own financial worth and that of our colleagues is essential. 

As the day continued, our Bitrockers also explored sessions on emerging technologies like quantum computing, and Machine Learning. These technologies have the potential to transform industries and create new opportunities, and Codemotion provided a platform to learn about their practical applications and implications.

Goodbye Codemotion…for now!

As our Codemotion 2023 journey wraps up, we carry with us the connections, knowledge and inspiration that will keep fueling our passion for innovation. Bitrockers are always ready to make a difference in the ever-evolving world of tech!

Main Author: Miguel De leon, Frontend Developer @ Bitrock

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