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Road to Agility: the Kubernetes Solution


In today’s business climate, Agility is the one of the key indicators to measure an organization’s capability to thrive, evolve and provide values to its customers. The pandemic and increased volatility of supply chains demand a flexible approach towards technology, with IT system evolving from mere enablers of business operations into strategic assets for digital transformation.

Kubernetes is one the main tools to achieve Business Agility. The industry-standard, open-source container orchestrator has proven a vital instrument to successfully pursue a Cloud Native approach and fulfill key objectives of functionality, reliability, quality and cost reduction.

Based on our global expertise, Bitrock’s free whitepaper Road to Agility: the Kubernetes Solution offers both a strategical framework and tactical recommendations to implement Kubernetes as a key driver for Agility.


Road to Agility: the Kubernetes Solution appeals to professional figures such as CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers & Architects, DevOps Engineers and provides a thorough understanding of Kubernetes’s positive impact within an organization, be it enterprise-level or SMB.

In particular, this free guide illustrates:

✓  how a Capability Model can be used to assess a company’s Agility and the stage on the path towards Cloud Native

✓  the main objectives, pain points and contraints of adopting a platform

✓  how K8s fulfils the objectives, and what advantages it provides to an organization

✓  the main challenges of implementing Kubernetes

✓  next steps and best practices

Just fill in the form, download your complementary copy and start your journey towards full Agile adoption!

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