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Bitrock Talent Academy: a Story of Talent & Reskilling

Last June we launched the first edition of the Bitrock Talent Academy, our training project dedicated to people that want to consolidate their skills in IT programming and enter the tech world with us.

We have now reached the end of the first part of the program, which saw our students learn the foundations of Back-end and Front-end engineering, combining theoretical lessons supervised by our Mentors with interesting workshops & exercises.

While we keep on celebrating our talented students, who are now ready to start off their career in Bitrock and help us shape the future of technology, let’s do a sum-up of what have been the Academy’s key challenges and reached goals.

Bitrock’s Mission towards Continuous Learning

As our CEO Leo Pillon puts it, “Our goal is to train young talents in a sector that still suffers from the shortage of experienced professionals”.

From the first edition of our Talent Academy we have obtained excellent outcomes. The Academy, indeed, has proved to be an effective way to spot young talents and train them directly inside the company, under the supervision of our experienced Mentors. Nowadays, it is particularly challenging to find professionals possessing all the skills our clients and projects require. We have seen on the field that training young, passionate people is the best way to find new talents for our team: people that now possess the ultimate technology skills, which are fundamental to succeed in our sector and keep on growing.

Skilling and (Re)skilling

Our first Academy has turned out to be a great opportunity also for those people that were passionate about technology, but still hadn’t had the chance to professionally work in this field, for one reason or another. Thanks to our initiative, we’ve managed to offer a true reskilling program to young people that used to work in a completely different role or field, and that are now able to do what they love, in a structured company.  

This was the case of one of the Academy’s young talents that entered the Bitrock team last June, Gianluca La Rosa. “I come from a completely different sector: I used to work as a publican in a pub in Trieste, my hometown. During the pandemic, while dealing with the creation of a digital menu for the pub where I worked, I decided to change tack completely, coming back to web development and programming, something that I studied when I was younger. I knew that I was on the right track since this is my true passion. Entering the Bitrock Talent Academy has been a turning point in my professional career: I think I’ve finally found my dream job, something for which I’ll never have to stop learning the things I love. My tip for young people that are passionate about technology? Take full advantage of the programs that the Academies available on the market offer: some opportunities can change your entire life!”

What’s next?

This was just the beginning of our Talent Academy. 

Now that the first edition is over, we are ready to start thinking about Season 2, coming in the next few months. Keep reading our Blog and follow us on our official media channels to get constantly updated!

Meanwhile – as we don’t really feel like standing still – we are working (as part of the Fortitude Group) on the Academy by our sister company ProActivity. A new training project to teach young people the foundations of Back-end development in a free 70-hour course, followed by a paid internship and the chance to be hired by the company with a permanent contract. A unique opportunity for young people that are passionate about technology and aim to become Java Developers. 

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