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Bitrock & Fortitude Convention 2023

Fortitude Conventions 2023

As part of the Fortitude Group, the whole Bitrock team recently gathered for the annual convention, and it was a blast!

Together with the colleagues from our sister companies, we had the chance to spend two days on the shores of Lake Garda. This year, the focus was on the story as well as the future of our Fortitude Group. We explored our roots, celebrated the main successes and envisioned where we’re headed to. It was a day filled with inspiration, learning, and connections on a deeper level. We looked back at the key achievements that led us from our humble origins to our current status. It was inspiring to see the collective effort and dedication that have shaped our growth. It served as a reminder that success is not an overnight achievement but the result of persistence, teamwork, and innovation.

One of the main highlight of the convention was the opportunity to better understand the vision, mission, and offering of the three different companies that are part of the Fortitude Group: Radicalbit, ProActivity and Bitrock. While, in our day-to-day tasks, we tend to focus on our specific roles within our own company, this event allowed us to gain insights into the broader spectrum of our Group and appreciate the synergy that exists among the three sister companies. Learning about their unique contributions and challenges opened our eyes to the bigger picture.

At the same time, the convention was not just about work and strategy; it was also about team building and sports activities. After keynotes and presentations, we finally had the chance to enjoy some play time. We split into teams and and engaged in a friendly competition: the Fortigames. From soccer and volleyball to swimming races and ping-pong tournaments, there was a challenge for everyone – even a dedicated area for board games!

Colleagues who typically work together remotely found themselves side by side, collaborating to reach a shared objective. This proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for bonding. While one team ultimately emerged as the overall winner, we all left the games with cherished memories of the experience.

Our company convention served as more than a mere gathering; it was a celebration of our history and a bonding experience that will stay with us for a long time.

In the fast-paced world of modern business, it is easy to become consumed by the daily demands of work. For many of us, remote work has become the standard, offering convenience and flexibility, but sometimes at the expense of genuine human connection. 

Our recent convention was a much-needed break from the daily grind. It was a great opportunity to celebrate our journey, nurture a sense of camaraderie, and direct our attention towards the promising future that lies ahead.

Last but not least, the event served as a powerful reminder that our people are our most valuable asset, and by embracing our shared vision, we will continue to thrive and explore new horizons.

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