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Bitrockers’ Stories

Bitrockers’ Stories

At Bitrock we don’t give too much importance to educational background or academic titles: for us, passion and commitment are the true ingredients to succeed! 

The best way to demonstrate this is through concrete examples: that’s why we have collected some inspirational stories from our Bitrockers. Here’s the first ones!

Federico: from Paratrooper to Back-end Developer

At the age of 18, Federico Gradizzi decided to take up a military career as a Paratrooper: he aimed high… in every possible way. Over the years, Federico reached a lot of professional goals but, after more than 10 years, he decided to change his life.

His new path as developer began as self-taught studying C++ and Java, and then, in order to easily enter the job market, he studied even harder and obtained an important online certification. At that point his adventure in the Bitrock team began. 

Isn’t it cool? Two years ago Federico knew almost nothing about programming and Back-end Engineering… while today he is one of the main talents of our Engineering team!

At Bitrock we base our daily work on fundamentals pillars: “Designing our Future” is one of them, and Federico is the perfect representation of what it means. Everyone has the opportunity to define who they are – or want to be. You just need to have an open mind and a strong passion for challenges!

Gianluca: from Beer Master to Front-end Developer

The second inspiring story we want to tell you is about a Bitrocker from our Front-end team. Gianluca’s professional life started at the end of high school as a theater light technician. After seven years, he decided to turn one of his greatest passions into a job, becoming a brewer.

Gianluca always needs new inputs: indeed, during quarantine, he brushed up his programming knowledge and, after attending a coding bootcamp, he realized it was time to change again!

This, in short, is how Gianluca joined our crew: at the age of 36, he became a Bitrocker, adding passion, enthusiasm and long-lasting energy to our front-end engineering team.

He has no regrets and, after all, he is glad that he’s returned to his first love: coding!

At Bitrock we strongly believe that the key to becoming a talented IT professional is the commitment and passion for technology: the next Bitrockers’ story is the proof of this.

Andrea: from Retail Manager to Front-end Developer

Andrea’s sales career started with a part-time job in a clothing store; in a few years, this brought him up to the role of Retail Manager in Spain and Mexico. Andrea then realized he needed a more flexible job and decided to resume his old passion for technology and make it concrete.

In this way, first with self-study online courses and then by attending a full-stack development bootcamp, our bitrocker managed to become a full-fledged developer and finally joined our team!

We, at Bitrock, strongly believe that what you are today comes from your past experiences and Andrea’s story perfectly demonstrates this: born as a Salesman, thanks to the gained skills he’s become a talented Front-end Developer.

Matteo: from Poker Dealer to Back-end Developer

One of our strengths is the diversity and enthusiasm of our Bitrockers, along with their background and skills. The next story is another good example.

At the end of high school, Matteo was looking for something that combined his desire to live abroad with a job he was passionate about: he found the proper solution by becoming a poker dealer in a casinò in London. This experience was really constructive for him; but after a while, he realized he needed a more stable and relaxing situation… working every single night is pretty hard indeed! That’s why Matteo came back to Italy and decided to focus on his other passion: technology and computer science.

Like other Bitrockers, the first approach to coding was a bootcamp during which he realized that was exactely what he wanted to do. Then, he became one of the students of the Bitrock Talent Academy: thanks to an in-depth training path, after a few months he joined our Engineering team as back-end developer.

Today Matteo is a skilled Developer and he is still growing professionally thanks to the learning opportunities and the continuous confrontation with his colleagues.

Luigi: from the Eco-village… back to Bitrock!

The last story we want to tell you is about Luigi.

Before Covid, Luigi was an expert Software Developer. After working for more than 15 years with passion and talent – even in Bitrock! – everything changed with the pandemic. In order to escape from isolation and win back his freedom, Luigi left everything: job, home, and moved to an eco-village on the Emilian Apennines, with almost no technology and even less comfort, but in deep connection with nature. 

After 18 months in this eco-village, thanks to a quick chat with Melissa, Recruiter at Bitrock, he realized he could find a new balance between work and lifestyle: in the morning by working in the garden, and in the afternoon by working in front of the PC – no longer as a developer, but as a Training Consultant for all Bitrock Academy’s attendants!

In the beginning, Luigi worked part-time, but soon the time was no longer enough and returned full-time, driven by his enthusiasm for the role and the possibility of being useful to the people within the Group.

Today, Luigi is a valued and competent professional thanks to both his skills as a developer, and what he has learned from the community experience.


At Bitrock, we try to support all Bitrockers to follow their ambitions. All our stories represent how every experience can complete us personally and professionally as well.

We hope these stories have inspired you and shown you that the only thing that really counts in achieving your professional and personal goals is your willpower. 

Stay tuned for new stories from our Bitrockers and take a look at our open positions – the next inspiring story could be yours!

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