Confluent Developer Training

Confluent Developer Training

Building Kafka Solutions

In this three-day hands-on course you will learn how to build an application that can publish data to, and subscribe to data from, an Apache Kafka cluster.

You will learn the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss core Kafka architectural concepts and components, and review the Kafka developer APIs. As well as core Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Streams, the course also covers other components in the broader Confluent Platform, such as the Schema Registry and the REST Proxy.

Hands-On Training

Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed. Exercises include:

  • Using Kafka’s command-line tools
  • Writing Consumers and Producers
  • Writing a multi-threaded Consumer
  • Using the REST Proxy
  • Storing Avro data in Kafka with the Schema Registry
  • Ingesting data with Kafka Connect

This course is designed for application developers, ETL (extract, transform, and load) developers, and data scientists who need to interact with Kafka clusters as a source of, or destination for, data.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees should be familiar with developing in Java (preferred) or Python. No prior knowledge of Kafka is required.

Course Contents

The Motivation for Apache Kafka

  • Systems Complexity

  • Real-Time Processing is Becoming Prevalent

  • Kafka: A Stream Data Platform

    Kafka Fundamentals

  • An Overview of Kafka

  • Kafka Producers

  • Kafka Brokers

  • Kafka Consumers

  • Kafka’s Use of ZooKeeper

  • Kafka Efficiency

    Kafka’s Architecture

  • Kafka’s Log Files

  • Replicas for Reliability

  • Kafka’s Write Path

  • Kafka’s Read Path

  • Partitions and Consumer Groups for Scalability

    Developing With Kafka

  • Using Maven for Project Management

  • Programmatically Accessing Kafka* Writing a Producer in Java

  • Using the REST API to Write a Producer

  • Writing a Consumer in Java

  • Using the REST API to Write a Consumer

    More Advanced Kafka Development

  • Creating a Multi-Threaded Consumer

  • Specifying Offsets

  • Consumer Rebalancing

  • Manually Committing Offsets

  • Partitioning Data

  • Message Durability

    Schema Management in Kafka

  • An Introduction to Avro

  • Avro Schemas

  • Using the Schema Registry

    Kafka Connect for Data Movement

  • The Motivation for Kafka Connect

  • Kafka Connect Basics

  • Modes of Working: Standalone and Distributed

  • Configuring Distributed Mode

  • Tracking Offsets

  • Connector Configuration

  • Comparing Kafka Connect with Other Options

    Basic Kafka Installation and Administration

  • Kafka Installation

  • Hardware Considerations

  • Administering Kafka

    Kafka Streams

  • The Motivation for Kafka Streams

  • Kafka Streams Fundamentals

  • Investigating a Kafka Streams Application

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Bitrock supports Talents | A CSR action addressed to "Space Lions"

Bitrock Supports Talents

Bitrock supports the Space Lions, five students from Treviso between 17 and 18 years, that last January won the prestigious NASA Challenge "Zero Robotics" with a computer code for the asteroids coring. Together with the robotics startup Witted, during the WitLab Summer Academy, alongside the software, the five young talents are developing, with the support of Bitrock, a hardware prototype able to autonomously explore the depths of the seas and lakes.

./space-lions-1.jpeg The students in action with their prototype

"We are a company that has made of innovation its own mission and we firmly believes in talents. For this reason we are encouraging these young talents, supporting them in this experience, and we are willing do it, within the limits of our possibilities, every time there will be smart boys and girls "says Leo Pillon, CEO of Bitrock".

Helping and supporting 5 young talents, who are now preparing to go "from theory to practice", means for us to relive and revitalize the values of our company, nourishing them with new energy day by day, thus making it possible to transform dreams into reality, under the guidance of research and passion".

./space-lions-2.jpeg Building up the prototype

Such as for these five students, the path of BITROCK has in a certain sense just begun. "We have always been one step ahead, moving on to unexplored territories and tightening avant-garde partnerships with pioneering technology companies: today we are premier partners of Lightbend and Confluent, and this meticulous path has led us to be among the major players in the training field, certified on these technologies,through our Bitrock Academy ", concludes Leo Pillon.

Read more at ANSA:

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