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Today it is Gabriella Moro‘s turn to tell us what it means to her to be a Team Leader at Bitrock and how she balances management responsibilities with purely technical matters.

Gabriella is UX Designer Leader and thanks to her expertise, the UX/UI unit at Bitrock is constantly growing and improving, always ready to meet the needs of our clients, even the most demanding ones!

Let’s get to know her better.

Can you explain your journey so far, from Developer to Team Leader, and the skills that have been most useful to you?

In my journey from Graphic Designer to Digital Art Director and later to UX Leader, I have invested a lot in building a solid personal foundation, developing my skills in both multi-channel communication and interaction, as well as technology.

I believe that my journey as a Leader has been characterised by the ability to keep track and understand priorities, especially when dealing with the different needs of internal and external clients.

In addition, there are many other aspects such as tactical skills in implementing a plan, building collaboration, being open-minded and recognizing the qualities and potential in others.

Can you describe a typical working day for you?

At the beginning of the day, my team and I have alignment meetings, often followed by requirements gathering sessions with the client.

Much of the day is spent working with the design and development team to design and implement user experience solutions, or conducting analysis and testing to continuously improve our solutions.

At the end of the day, we often have area meetings to set the overall approach and plan training and team building activities to support the professional development of all team members.


Being a Team Leader at Bitrock means taking responsibility for leading and providing a clear vision to coordinate the growth of the team. It means being the point of reference for UX design, guiding the design approach and ensuring that proposed solutions are aligned with business objectives and client needs.

In this role, the Team Leader works closely with other Team Leaders and business stakeholders to foster effective communication and harmonious collaboration.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Creating a collaborative working environment where each team member feels valued, accountable and confident in their decisions is something I am passionate about. Guiding the professional development of team members, observing their progress and receiving positive feedback from them is a source of great satisfaction.


The most challenging situation I faced was managing a complex project with ambiguous requirements, tight deadlines and limited resources. This is a situation that I have encountered many times, but it is always very complex to deal with and takes all your energy. 

As well as helping the client to identify the business requirements and their priorities, it is essential to ensure that each team member is informed, motivated and involved in solving the problem.

The key to success is always effective communication and involvement; how you get there is a matter of commitment.

How do you balance technical aspects and managerial aspects?

In my work, I keep up to date with new technologies and industry best practices through conferences and ongoing training. This includes Bitrock’s Internal Academy programme.

When managing teams, I try to create opportunities for empowerment and professional growth for each person, while respecting their professional level.

When making management decisions, I try to analyze information objectively, trying to isolate my biases and, if necessary, stepping back from the technical role, especially in situations that require immediate or critical decisions. This approach reflects the training of a User Experience Designer: analyze the context, understand the problem to be solved, avoid jumping to conclusions and allow space for critical reflection without assuming knowledge. I think this is a fundamental attitude for a person who wants to be a UX Leader.

What is your favorite memory so far?

There are so many good memories, often from collaborative brainstorming and ideation sessions, and the best ones always involve lots of people and crazy or festive moments, especially outside working hours.
I cannot forget the moments of strong cohesion and motivation, such as sharing with the team the reception of the Interactive Key Award, along with other awards in recognition of our daily efforts. 
It was also a source of great personal pride to read the reasons for the awards, which highlighted the usability and accessibility of the design solutions.

Thanks to Gabriella Moro, UX Team Lead @ Bitrock, for this interview.

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