Nearly two months ago we launched our Talent Academy, a training program dedicated to students and young professionals with limited knowledge of IT Programming who want to consolidate their expertise and acquire new skills in a few months, giving a boost to their professional life and start working in the industry of the future.

In our 3-month course, indeed, students have the chance to widen their knowledge in  Front-end or Back-end Engineering through a program that includes different modules, constantly monitor their progress through periodic assessments to be able to promptly take action in case of learning gaps or specific needs and, last but not least, participate in the Bitrock Life from the very beginning, by being hired with a permanent contract.

We are now proud to present to you the first six students enrolled in the program: a group of talented, brilliant professionals that have started off their career, helping us shape the future of technology. Let’s hear their voices to discover why they decided to enter the IT world in the first place, and what they think about Bitrock after the first few weeks!

Front-End Engineering Course: Voices from the Inside

Marika: “A few years ago, I started showing an interest in technology since, in my opinion, it represented the future. My first project (a website development) excited me so much that I decided to study IT programming in more detail. 

What do I think about Bitrock and IT consulting? It’s a fascinating world - of course still new to me - that I would like to explore as much as possible, especially to truly understand how the company works with its clients.”

Niccolò: “First of all, I’m a huge fan of programming; since I was younger, I’ve always been charmed by the idea of being able to develop programs that could respond to companies’ needs, especially in terms of Front-end engineering.

As for now, Bitrock has turned out to be a stimulating environment for young people: a serious company with an innovative mindset.”

Gianluca: “I think I’ve finally found the job for which I’ll never have to stop learning. And judging from the people that have been working at Bitrock for long, this is a healthy company, always looking forward.”

Back-end Engineering course: voices from the inside

Giacomo: “I’ve always been interested in technology and IT: being able to make a living out of it is the natural progression of a passion that has been going on for so long. 

In Bitrock I’ve found both expertise and enthusiasm from a business perspective, and a stimulating environment that always puts the 'human' aspect of work at its core.”

Marco: “I decided to enter this world because of the innate interest in computers I’ve always had. I also wanted to find a job that could give me the chance to express this attitude in a healthy environment, rich in daily challenges to be faced, and be part of a close-knit team where I could grow. 

Even though, at first, I had little confidence in my abilities, in Bitrock I immediately felt at ease. Since the very first meeting, I’ve been breathing an air full of energy and passion, where considerable importance was given to the development of interpersonal relations. I couldn’t ask more to begin this new adventure in the IT world!” 

Matteo: “The world of high-end technology requires continuous effort, learning and unflagging dedication, but it brings with it the privilege of being part of an incredible digital transformation process. 

Bitrock doesn’t restrict itself to investing in people that are passionate about programming: the company gives them the confidence to develop their skills and grant them limitless professional growth.”

And what about Bitrock Mentors?

Our Mentors are experienced professionals that follow our students step by step in their educational and professional development journey, providing knowledge, support and advice. Here are the words of Luigi Cerrato, Back-end Developer at Bitrock, as well as one of our super Mentors:

“I’m flattered to be one of the Bitrock Academy’s Mentors, since this is an important role. For me, training young professionals is a mission: this means giving them technical competences, but also trust. Trust, indeed, is fundamental to make them grow and help them face any client’s project with confidence and serenity. 

Since the very beginning, I’ve joined my Team Leaders and Bitrock’s HR team in selecting the best candidates for the Academy: people we believe had the potential to be real Bitrockers in the long term, contributing to the company’s successes and further growth. 

We have then developed a thorough learning program for our students, covering all the fundamentals of programming, starting from Java (our main reference technology) to the most recent frameworks - such as Spring, Spring Boot, and SpinData.”

Luigi’s passion and commitment for the project is reflected in his words: “What I especially appreciate about Bitrock Talent Academy is the fact that our students can leverage the first months to learn and expand their skills, and then start working on one of our internal projects. This is a unique opportunity: they can put themselves to the test by being involved in a real project and its main tasks, for instance dealing with deadlines.”

Luigi also acknowledges the challenges this role entails: “Of course, this is a demanding journey: it is important, for instance, to listen and understand all the needs and issues the students may have, especially the “silent” ones. Students, indeed, may have difficulties in expressing their doubts or insecurities, sometimes only because they’re a bit shy or unsecure: a good Mentor is the one who is able to read those messages (sometimes even calls for help) in the students’ tone of voice, gesture and eyes, and respond to them. This is actually the part I personally find more challenging, and in which I always try to put much attention.” 

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