Our Mission as a Group to Bridge the Gender Gap and Raise Awareness about the Topic

Bitrock and Fortitude Group have looked for fresh optimism in 2021, following the global Covid-19 emergency, which has completely changed the game in the ICT market. In the past months, we have demonstrated our resilient and constructive attitude as a Group, and we are now ready to take on any new challenges with vigor, relying on the unrivaled passion and enthusiasm of all Bitrockers.

It is now time to revisit an old issue that has always defined the ICT industry and the STEM landscape in general: gender diversity and the effects of gender decisions in the near future.

Women in STEM

According to Gartner, 75% of organizations with frontline decision-making teams that represent a diverse and inclusive community would outperform their financial goals by 2022. Gender-diverse and inclusive teams also outperform gender-homogeneous, less inclusive teams by around 50%. It is thus without question that women can create enormous value for the entire digital sector.

One of the key problems is that in higher education, only a limited number of women choose STEM-related fields. Girls make up just 3% of students enrolled in information and communication technology (ICT) courses worldwide. Moreover, deep-seated gender roles and bias discourage women pursuing STEM careers.

Now it is our opportunity to turn things around and ensure that girls all over the world not only receive an education, but also see a bright future in STEM. For innovation and long-term, sustainable economic development, young girls with an interest in STEM must be empowered and inspired to pursue careers in technology.

Bridging the gap of gender diversity

As Bitrock, it is critical that we raise our own awareness (as well as the one of our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators) about the topic. As a tech company where men still make up the majority of the workforce, we agree that gender equality is not solely a female issue. We see this as a critical challenge that must be addressed immediately in order to achieve gender parity in the technology industry's future

As part of Fortitude Group, we at Bitrock are proud to endorse SheTech, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in the tech and digital world. The community organizes networking activities as well as training courses to help girls and women learn new skills and job opportunities while also providing positive role models.

Bitrock is promoting new projects in the sector through this Partnership, which aims to increase the representation of women in technological and digital employment. We also hope to raise awareness of technology job roles among young women by participating in SheTech's Digital Breakfast events and dedicated workshops, as well as debunk some of the myths that exist around technology employment.

Last but not least, all women in our Team have access to an annual membership, allowing them to participate in SheTech's activities, training courses, bootcamps, and webinars: the ideal opportunity to gain new soft skills, network with peers, and make lifelong learning a priority in their careers.


Gender equality at all levels is a very effective success enabler. For this reason, we are actively participating in mentorships in order to create more opportunities for women. We have prioritized this in our Employer Branding strategy and set goals that will hopefully result in a rise in female employees.

To conclude on an optimistic note, we agree that if we all work together, the gender gap will narrow in the future, and we will continue to fight until we achieve full gender equality in the ICT field.

Stay tuned to discover all the events in partnership with SheTech we have in store for you!


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Corporate Event

Last week our Team gathered for our first corporate event of 2021, which turned out to be a great success for at least three different reasons.

To begin with, this was the first live event after the lengthy Covid-19 emergency. With proper precautions and respecting social distancing norms, we were able to meet in person at the event location - a cool and fancy restaurant in Milan - laughing, eating, and drinking together (as every proper event requires).

This occasion allowed many people to finally get together face to face: as we all know, seeing each other via  a computer screen may be fun and necessary these days, but meeting colleagues in the “real” world, shaking hands, sharing laughs and jokes is another story!

Secondly, this was the first official Fortitude Group event, with all team members from Bitrock, Radicalbit and ProActivity participating. A great opportunity to mark the new Fortitude era, after the 2021 Group rebranding.

Last but not least, events of this kind are also important since many colleagues that seldom have the chance to meet due to the allocation on different projects or different geographical location can finally spend some time together. During this evening, we finally had all people from Treviso, Lugano, Milano (and many other cities around Italy) together in one spot.

The event started with a welcome aperitif followed by a tasty dinner (typical Milanese cuisine...what else?!). Our CEO Leo Pillon took the chance to greet all participants and deliver a brief talk, addressing the challenges this period has meant for the Group, but also all the great results and success we were able to achieve while working remotely. It is a distinct corporate culture, a sense of togetherness and a clear direction that have fuelled the passion emerging in our daily work.

Curious to know more about the Bitrock world? Look at the pics below to get a taste of our event, and visit our Instagram page to discover much more!

We are now ready to start planning our next big event. Will you join us? 🙂

Sales & Key Client
Management, Sales & Key Client
Team Front End
Front End Team
Team DevOps
DevOps Team
Team Back End
Back End Team
HR & Marketing
HR & Marketing
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Bitrock Brain Training Game

Unleashing Innovation and Collaboration with Technology Team-building Events

Integrating new technology into team building activities and team development is a thrilling way to engage employees in a safe and playful environment outside the standard working environment.

Our “Bitrock Front-end Brain Training Game”, a RxJs training session during which our Front-end team tried their hand at generating a data stream in an engaging virtual game, is just an example.

The event - Bitrock's first of its kind - was organized last Spring with two main goals: to experiment new front-end technologies applying them in a practical code project, and to improve teamwork among team members who are often assigned to different projects.

Bitrock Brain Training Game

Let’s now consider at a closer glance the technical aspects of our Brain Training Game.

Our goal was to organize a training session on reactive programming. We thus implemented the Back-end and Front-end (in Javascript) of a small Brain Training game application, in order to have a generator of a fair number of events.

Although this was a small-size project, we made an initial analysis working with the UX team and producing some wireframes, mockups and flow diagrams.

The Front-end part was built with React, and we focused on the adoption of the reactive paradigm using RxJS. For the Back-end, we opted for MarbleJs, a framework with RxJs capability. WebSocket was adopted as an events communication system, and we created some components that subscribed to it.

The Importance of an Innovation-based Workplace Culture

Internal events like these have many side effects in terms of employee empowerment and corporate workplace culture.

To begin with, our Brain Training Game has proven to be a highly collaborative, team-building activity empowering team members. Collaboration and teamwork are forged by such occurrences: people are drawn together and motivated to achieve a common goal when they are presented with a common problem to solve.

The game has also given our company (and specifically the Front-end department) a great opportunity to innovate. This is due to the fact that the very essence of these activities encourages creativity, as each team member is involved and granted complete freedom to develop and express themselves. Having a set amount of time to complete the project produces results. However, this is a different kind of pressure than what employees are used to, and a game may help loosen the constraints of corporate bureaucracy, responsibilities, and strict deadlines.

Last but not least, the relaxed atmosphere of such an event, which is centered on a shared challenge expressed through an interactive online game, offers a temporary departure from the standard. And such a “disruptive” workflow can lead to an improved work ethic among employees. Not to mention the chance to have fun and share pleasant moments with coworkers throughout the workday – if deadlines, reports, and briefings are part of the team's everyday routine, why not set aside some time and space for something different? A bit of fun is always appreciated.


Thanks to our Brain Training Game, Team members have had the chance to share their imagination, create cool things, and learn while having fun.

All participants have shown great excitement during the event: for them, this hackathon has been a real opportunity to work with new technologies, specifically with the Reactive paradigm.
While one of our Front-end developers said that this was a great opportunity to improve communication and bond with colleagues, another participant said: “I am glad to have joined this project: I have experimented with Marble.js, a useful library to make practical use of RxJs syntax”.

We are now prepared to replicate this type of event in the future, experimenting with new formulas and events, and maybe even extending it to other Teams.
Our efforts to promote creativity and cooperation are still ongoing. Keep an eye out for the next move!

BrainTraining 1

Braintraining 2

Braintraining 3

Braintraining 4

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Treedom - Fortitude Forest

Our Journey towards a Greener, Sustainable Future

When it comes to global environmental issues, we may all feel quite helpless today. However, despite how insignificant we can feel as individuals, there are a few things we can all do to make a difference.

One big choice is tree planting, which has many benefits for the environment and local rural communities. And that is precisely what we have agreed to do along with our holding company Fortitude Group.

As you may already know, 2021 has been a crucial year for the entire Group, with a major rebranding and the creation of our NewCo ProActivity.

To mark the beginning of this new era of development, resilience and sustainability, we've agreed to launch our green project in collaboration with Treedom, which calls for the planting of 200 trees around the world to protect the environment and empower local communities.

The Exceptional Benefits of Tree Planting

Trees are the cornerstone of not just whole ecosystems, but also whole societies. Treedom, in collaboration with local NGOs, identifies local farmers who will profit the most from tree planting. As a result, they become tree guardians, caring for them and reaping the benefits they provide. This encourages the use of long-term, sustainable land management strategies - like agroforestry, which brings food security for the farmers and their families.

With the planting of our "Fortitude Forest", we can now contribute to the initiative and start leaving our first green footprints around the world. Just think about the broader environmental benefits of tree planting, such as preventing soil erosion and deforestation, increasing biodiversity, and lowering CO2 levels. And what if we told you that the trees we planted have the capacity to absorb enough CO2 from the atmosphere to fill 146 trucks?

Coffee trees in Colombia, orange trees in Haiti, cacao trees in Cameroon, guava and markhamia in Kenya: every tree belonging to Fortitude Forest is geolocated and photographed, and has its own landing page with regular updates on the project posted in an online diary. As a result, everybody on the Team is genuinely invested in the project and has the opportunity to make a difference.

Green and green(er)!

We are honored to be a part of such an incredible journey, which will undoubtedly continue in the coming years. Tree planting is a small action with many, far-reaching benefits: an action that has the potential to improve people's lives, the environment, and our future too!

Spend some time in nature and take a virtual walk into our Fortitude Forest > https://www.treedom.net/en/organization/fortitude-group/event/fortitude-forest

Fortitude Forest

The forest

Where we have planted

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Bitrock Virtual_Office Journal

Bitrock Virtual_Office Journal

Here we are, after two months spending time together in our Virtual Office. Two months that have seen us deeply involved in many team-building activities to give the due importance to the human aspect of our worklife and reinforce our Team spirit during the long lockdown phase.

Here’s the best highlights from our Bitrock Virtual_Office Journal: delve into its pages with us and get ready to turn back time…

Friday, 10 April

Our first virtual event is an open discussion about the world of Sport&Wellbeing. What are Bitrockers fond of? Huge success for Martial arts and Oriental disciplines, followed by typical Winter sports (above all Skiing) and Water sports (Sailing is king here). But there’s appreciation for Meditation and Yoga, too!

Tuesday, 14 April

Another day, another event: this time we’re ready to talk about Movies&TV Series: a very popular topic, especially during these months of lockdown. “What do you suggest me watching?” “Have you ever watched…?” – a passionate debate full of advice and reviews. The most loved TV series? The historical and science-fiction ones.

Friday, 17 April

Today’s event is dedicated to the lifetime passion of our Team members Marco and Mattia: BBQ. During an involving presentation, with a lot of information, examples and advice, they’re able to reveal us the secrets (or almost all of them) of the perfect BBQ. Now we can dream of our next real team-building bbq party!

Tuesday, 21 April

Today there’s a unique opportunity for the Team: listening to a fascinating introduction speech into the world of Mindfulness. Thanks to the knowledge and passion of Franco, we are ready to discover its main pillars and meditation practices: from its origins to the bonds with the Oriental culture, not forgetting a few examples of concrete activities and exercises, such as the awareness of breath, feelings, and thoughts. Mindfulness has proved to be a fascinating topic for the whole Team: we’re all eager to find out more!

Friday, 24 April

Our Virtual Office is changing into a bakery! Today Claudia will show us the best tricks and tips for pastry-making. The activity is not very simple, but brings also so much fun… Our mission? Cooking chocolate truffles. Each of us has their own ingredients and is ready to follow Claudia’s instructions on the screen, step by step. Huge success for our first Cooking Together event!

Tuesday, 28 April

Since in Bitrock we foster continuous learning and improving, here’s the perfect opportunity for us to expand our knowledge in many fields (history, science, literature and much more): a challenging general-knowledge Quiz! Two teams are fighting to conquer the title of “Smartest Team”. The final result? 10-10: all winners (and smarter)!

Tuesday, 5 May

Here we are, ready to travel around the world together (at least virtually). “Let’s Travel” is our new open-discussion event, during which we have the chance to talk about our past travel experiences, and our future journeys. The most fascinating destinations for the Team? The Far-East Countries (Thailand and Indonesia above all). But also several European cities seem to have stolen the heart of many of us: from Budapest to Prague, from Lisbon to Berlin.

Friday, 8 May

Today we have the chance to get closer to Calisthenics, a form of physical training focused on teaching you how to master your own bodyweight using minimal equipment. Thanks to the expertise of Erik, who has been practicing this sport for a few years now, we can discover many interesting aspects about it. For instance, that the word itself comes from the Greek: Kalos and Sthenos, meaning “Beauty” and “Strength”. Thanks to Erik’s presentation we can learn this discipline’s origins, benefits, and the main exercises that Calisthenics athletes can perform (such as the “human flag”!)

Tuesday, 12 May

Today’s virtual event is dedicated to reinforcing our “green” soul: here’s an open discussion about Eco&Sustainability topics. Thanks to an online quiz game, we can test our knowledge regarding plastic pollution and learn many new facts and figures (for instance, that every year about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations). The event is also an opportunity to talk about possible remedies, such as improved waste management systems and recycling, a responsible use of disposable packaging and reduction in manufacturing of single-use plastics.

Friday, 15 May

Our Team has proved to be composed by talented chefs: here’s the second round of our “Cooking Together” event! Following Claudia’s precise instructions, we are ready to prepare our first double-chocolate cheesecakes. The event turns out into an unforgettable experience: there’s always time for fun and laughter beyond ingredients and kitchen tools!

Tuesday, 19 May

The English language plays a crucial role in our international Team. That’s why we decided to dedicate one of our events to improve our language skills. How? With fun, of course: thanks to entertaining videos and an online Pub Quiz game, we can work on our pronunciation and fluency. The one and only rule for this event? Italian banned - English only!

Friday, 21 May

Today we have the opportunity to listen again to Franco’s Mindfulness presentation. Having already explored its basics during last month’s event, this time we raise the bar and start discovering a few mindful practices that we can put into practice in our daily life – especially during these months of smart working, during which a responsible and focused attitude is required. The main lesson we have learnt from today? “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now” (Chinese proverb).

So, here we are now, full of good memories about events that have been able to cheer us up during the lockdown months.

What other opportunities will the Virtual Office offer us? The virtual room is still open and eager to welcome new voices and new faces… New events #comingsoon!

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Life@Bitrock in the Covid-19 Era

Life@Bitrock in the Covid-19 Era

The Covid-19 health emergency has resulted in an inevitable global shutdown with serious consequences on business, investors, supply chains and human resource functions. What started out as limited business disruption, due to the circumscribed number of cases and geographical areas, has soon begun affecting most – if not all – businesses.

At Bitrock we are doing our best to overcome the hard challenges this troubled time is causing.

Thanks to the expertise of our Team, along with the trusting relationship we have built with partners and collaborators over time, we are able to keep on working and delivering, counting on the human and professional value of our employees. Following smart working best practices, we are able to work on our ongoing projects staying at home, thus respecting authorities’ guidelines and our community.

Digital Initiatives for People Empowering

During these weeks of unusual working conditions, we have also tried to give the due importance to social relations. Since an office is where we spend most of our daily time surrounded by co-workers, we’ve decided to give our Team the possibility to keep on interacting in our brand-new Bitrock_VirtualOffice. A free, shared virtual space where we can make small talk, even if we’re all miles away from our usual workplace.

As we strongly believe in the importance of connections, we have also decided to inaugurate online teambuilding events: interactive activities dedicated to a wide array of topics, during which we will have the opportunity to learn new things, have fun and, above all, stay together – even if only virtually speaking.

Effort and dedication are required to everyone during this period. At Bitrock, we are doing our best to meet all client’s expectations and keep on delivering reliable innovation, with due commitment and a resilient attitude.

However challenging circumstances may seem, we’re ready to grow and learn from them.

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Bitrock supports Talents | A CSR action addressed to "Space Lions"

Bitrock Supports Talents

Bitrock supports the Space Lions, five students from Treviso between 17 and 18 years, that last January won the prestigious NASA Challenge "Zero Robotics" with a computer code for the asteroids coring. Together with the robotics startup Witted, during the WitLab Summer Academy, alongside the software, the five young talents are developing, with the support of Bitrock, a hardware prototype able to autonomously explore the depths of the seas and lakes.

./space-lions-1.jpeg The students in action with their prototype

"We are a company that has made of innovation its own mission and we firmly believes in talents. For this reason we are encouraging these young talents, supporting them in this experience, and we are willing do it, within the limits of our possibilities, every time there will be smart boys and girls "says Leo Pillon, CEO of Bitrock".

Helping and supporting 5 young talents, who are now preparing to go "from theory to practice", means for us to relive and revitalize the values of our company, nourishing them with new energy day by day, thus making it possible to transform dreams into reality, under the guidance of research and passion".

./space-lions-2.jpeg Building up the prototype

Such as for these five students, the path of BITROCK has in a certain sense just begun. "We have always been one step ahead, moving on to unexplored territories and tightening avant-garde partnerships with pioneering technology companies: today we are premier partners of Lightbend and Confluent, and this meticulous path has led us to be among the major players in the training field, certified on these technologies,through our Bitrock Academy ", concludes Leo Pillon.

Read more at ANSA: http://www.ansa.it/industry_4_0/notizie/postit/2018/09/05/bitrock-punta-su-giovani-geni-della-robotica_7e391e61-4a59-4385-b9fb-7f6ef4b4ca47.html

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Corporate Event Databiz Group

Corporate Event | "Databiz Group"

As a yearly tradition, Databiz Group, holding group owner of Bitrock, celebrated a corporate event in the marvelous setting of the southern coast of the Garda Lake (Desenzano del Garda - BS - Italy).

During this 2 day event, held at the exciting location of Hotel Acquaviva del Garda, the 3 souls of Databiz Group met up together to review 1H - 2018 achievements and discuss about next strategical operations: Databiz Holding Management and Staff, Bitrock's team and Radicalbit developers had the opportunity to meet up and share mutual experiences, achievements, projects and targets.

A good opportunity to discover and explore the several natures of the group, understanding better the nature of 3 different companies united by a single vision and distinguished by different missions. Greeted by a group breakfast, developers, managers and staff had the opportunity to encounter and discuss about mutual working activities and life experiences. New employees had the chance to meet new colleagues and better understand the group working and experience environment. Merging together different experiences and background is a relevant issue.

We are aiming to design a culture-centered working place, where diversity an peculiarity become together sources of valor.



The Event | Moments of corporate experience

The first morning has been dedicated to Corporate Speeches and Business reports: opening act has been held by CEO Leo Pillon, who exposed in details 2018 group's vision, next steps and future evolution of the holding, consolidating a year of strong and radical evolutive transformations.

Following CSO Lino Zagolin exposed a detailed report of recent sales activities, including new scenarios in Academy, New Business and Partnerships. He also introduced to the team a new professional figure, Luca Lanza, Corporate Strategist and Business Developer. COO Marco Veronese took the stage in order to summarize to all employees the new Bitrock's organization, including the nomination of new CTO Giampaolo Trapasso, and new Heads of Practices: Salvatore Laisa (Head of Front End), Marco Stefani (Head of Back End), Franco Geraci (Head of DevOps), joining Mirko Lazzarato (Head of Think & Check IT), Paola Casarsa (Head of Make-UX) and Riccardo Pessina (Head of Operation Costs & Planning). He also introduced new Key Client Daniele Bergo.

On the second part of the morning Michele Ridi (Marketing and Sales Manager at Radicalbit) and Roberto Bentivoglio (CTO at Radicalbit), introduced a summary of activities of Radicalbit, Products and Services and Highlights of the first half of the year, also offering a sneak peek on new solutions.

Thereafter Enrico Sala (CFO Databiz Group) and Cristina Del Vecchio Head of Recruiting & Planning) entertained the audience with highly engaging analytics of the group, and exposed an emotional motivation session including corporate values and companies' missions.

Finally Leo Pillon closed the activities with an inspirational speech about the company long term vision, introducing the inner meaning of the company's claim #lookbeyond, defining himself first of all a dreamer committed to achieve great results.

Time for serious things ended. After a brunch all together all staff dedicated to games, water and fun.

Unmissable a football match... After all we are an Italian company. While someone was standing in the Sauna and Hammam, other braves were disputing a deathmatch under the sun.

And then a little surprise. A special guest introduced guests to the way of determination, proactivity and team vision. Straight from his glorious sporting experience: the great (and tall!) Riccardo Pittis, renowned basket champion, held a strong and effective speech about loosing and win, team and group, responsibilities and changement.



Finally hen the light went down, a long night dinner, open bar and music brought the guests through the late night.

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